Tuesday Takeaway

Happy Tuesday!

I’m a sister and this means a lot to me. About five years ago my sister declared every Tuesday ‘National Sister Day’….but just for us. A friend of mine heard us one day and said “I had no idea I should call my sister!” Emily quickly shot back “uh it’s just for us”. Every week we try and share something special in whatever capacity we’re able to, we choose an activity to spend time together, we send each other gifts or try and find some way to celebrate our sisterhood. This love for a Tuesday and the importance of this day brought about Tuesday Takeaway. Tuesday Takeaway will be a weekly share of mine, the hope is to have even one person take something away from these posts. The posts may not have a theme, I hope to use stories from my days, stories from your days and develop a page of human experiences. In this life we have voices and we should use them to empower others, to spread joy and to be kind. I value humanity and I hope there will be a takeaway for you! Please feel free to reach out with any stories you want shared as a part of Tuesday Takeaway!

I’m lucky enough to be a sister to these two humans

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