“Wherever you be, whatever you may, seek the truth, strive for the beautiful, achieve the good” – David Sheff

My name is Sarah and I currently live in Boston, Massachusetts. I was born and raised on the beaches of the South Shore, which led me to always crave that summer sunshine! I am grateful for this time and space to take control over my own life and intentions, to use this page for sharing moments of joy, spreading positivity and do something for myself while interacting among a beautiful and empowering community.

As an individual I am a sister, a daughter and most recently an aunt. I’m a friend and lover of all things chocolate. I truly value relationships and human connections. Professionally I’m a clinical social worker, I feel very strongly about what this role means and what commitments I have made to social justice and working towards bettering our community for all individuals. I feel grateful to work alongside the individuals I do and I feel proud to say they continually support me to become the best version of myself. I believe in living for one another and the value of each human life. I believe this avenue of my life has allowed me a unique perspective and graces me with gratitude for the life I am able to lead. I feel as though our current situation has led me to this path as we see the value in each day we’re granted on this Earth.

I look forward to sharing many sides of myself on this page. I love to read, primarily books that give insight into the human experience. I love to bake (not well) gluten-free goodies for snacking which may just fall under hobbies at this point. I have been styling peers and family for many years and countless events. I love putting looks together and finding staple closet pieces. I love the creativity of fashion and how we can speak to our individuality through a daily look.

I hope you’ll stay a while and never forget to stop and smile for a sec!

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