All the Feels

‘Tis The Season

The holidays are fast approaching! I love the holiday season as it brings out our inner child, joyful, wide-eyed and filled with butterflies. While the holiday season brings me smiles and excitement it can also leave me feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. The holidays are also a reminder of what discrepancies there are in ourContinue reading “‘Tis The Season”

The Night Shift

This South Carolina Principal gives Daily Double a new meaning in the absence of the late Alex Trebek. Henry Darby, the principal of North Charleston High School, has taken on a second role working the night shift at Walmart in order to further provide to students in need. Daily he works a double in orderContinue reading “The Night Shift”

A Good ‘Cemeterian’

The concept of death is complicated. Many times we are unable to find the words, we stumble through our thoughts or we’re uncomfortable approaching the subject. In our home we’ve become quite comfortable with the discussion of death. Emily seeks answers to this significant yet inevitable part of our existence, answers we cannot always provide.Continue reading “A Good ‘Cemeterian’”

Be The Change

My senior year of high school our class motto was “Be the change” – I remember consistently eye-rolling thinking, seriously, be the change? As I’ve gotten older though this phrase has remained with me, always in the back of my mind. I work in a system that pushes me, requiring change in order to bestContinue reading “Be The Change”

Fresh Start

As we leave 2020 behind us, it can be beneficial to reflect on positive moments and events in order to enter the new year with a grateful and joy filled heart. There were plenty of negatives throughout 2020, personally, nationally and worldwide however the true beauty is in seeking the positives. Being able to pauseContinue reading “Fresh Start”

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