Coming Together, While Staying Distanced

Relationships are complicated, whether it be navigating family dynamics, balancing friendships or maintaining a healthy romantic bond. While our current circumstance has the potential to increase the strain it also has the beautiful capacity to shed light on what our potential within relationships and human connection truly is. During this time of social distancing, specificallyContinue reading “Coming Together, While Staying Distanced”

Giving Tuesday

For today’s Tuesday Takeaway I wanted to focus on giving back! Today is ‘Giving Tuesday’: Giving Tuesday was created initially as a movement towards spreading kindness and encouraging individuals to do good, typically held over the holiday season. Over time it has grown into a larger movement inspiring collaboration, giving and celebrating generosity. Today theContinue reading “Giving Tuesday”

MAY: Mental Health Awareness Month

What? Every year millions of individuals face the reality of living with a metal health diagnosis. The goal for any awareness month is to raise funding and create awareness. A supplemental goal however is to work to combat the stigma, provide support to communities, educate the public and advocate for policy change that supports theContinue reading “MAY: Mental Health Awareness Month”