A Good ‘Cemeterian’

The concept of death is complicated. Many times we are unable to find the words, we stumble through our thoughts or we’re uncomfortable approaching the subject. In our home we’ve become quite comfortable with the discussion of death. Emily seeks answers to this significant yet inevitable part of our existence, answers we cannot always provide.Continue reading “A Good ‘Cemeterian’”

Meaning of the Day

Let’s go back to 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona. Wanda Dench sent out a group text message to family members with the plan for Thanksgiving dinner. One text, meant for one of her grandchildren, was sent to Jamal Hinton, a 17-year-old boy from Phoenix. Jamal responded to the plan asking who it was, and asking despiteContinue reading “Meaning of the Day”

Shattered Barriers

“You have shattered barriers while proving without a doubt that anything is possible” Chris Nikic is a 21-year-old male from Maitland, Florida. Chris Nikic is a 21-year-old man with Down syndrome. Chris Nikic is a 21-year-old Ironman. Chris Nikic wakes up every day and vows to be 1% better than the day before. Chris newContinue reading “Shattered Barriers”

You’re Not Invited to my Birthday Party

Let’s start with, if you haven’t watched The Peanut Butter Falcon, you should do that now. Shia LaBeouf starred, alongside Zack Gottsagen, in this remarkable making of a coming of age story about a young man with Down syndrome. I would say a more profound scene is regarding the word retarded. Shia makes a pointContinue reading “You’re Not Invited to my Birthday Party”